Control an army struggling for survival in the post-apocalyptic world. Choose one of the 4 unique factions—Moloch, Borgo, The Outpost, The Hegemony—and defeat your opponent in tactical warfare. Play solo against an AI opponent or against a human player in an asynchronous cross-platform multiplayer mode.

Prove that you have what it takes to survive:

- March with the machines of Moloch, leading its army toward setting the new world order.
- Become Borgo and unite the forces of the mutants who spread terror in the wastelands.
- Lead The Outpost, humanity's last and only hope, and try to beat the machines in against-the-odds guerrilla warfare.
- Be the boss of The Hegemony, a land of gangers uncaring about the fate of others, living only for violence and their mad entertainment.

Neuroshima Hex is a fast paced, tactical game for 1 or 2 players based on the well known tabletop board game by the same name. The game has been published in 8 languages and enjoyed by fans all over the world. Throughout the years, it has been steadily developed by Portal Games, and now offers as many as 19 different armies. In May 2007 Neuroshima Hex was awarded a special jury distinction for the Best Polish Designer Game published in 2006.


- Official Neuroshima Hex game with original artwork
- 4 different armies with unique strategies (other armies will be made available for purchase with future updates of the app)
- For 1 or 2 players
- Asynchronous cross-platform multiplayer mode
- 3 AI difficulty levels
- In-game tutorial & manual
- Tons of gameplay
- Easy to learn, hard to master


Neuroshima Convoy APP

The Neuroshima Convoy app is coming to your portable devices on iOS and Android.

17 years ago the Neuroshima universe was created. This bold, stark world was the setting to an original RPG by Michał Oracz, Ignacy Trzewiczek, Marcin Baryłka and Marcin Blacha. The world grew as Michał Oracz created Neuroshima Hex 3.0, the massively popular and addictive strategic board game. Neuroshima also continued to develop and expand with the board and card games Neuroshima Convoy, Neuroshima Tactics, and 51st State. In 2020—the year of Moloch—the Neuroshima Convoy digital app makes its debut as the next step in Neuroshima's evolution.
In the post-apocalyptic world of Neuroshima, humanity has been attacked by Moloch, the artificially intelligent and rebellious machines. Few were able to oppose this relentless new adversary, and were forced to scavenge, huddle together, and form a meagre living among the ruins of civilization. It was September 5th when Moloch started the 3rd World War, and ever since, an endless war has waged on between the Outpost and Moloch.

This conflict between Moloch and the Outpost in post-apocalyptic USA is the crux of the unique system presented in Neuroshima Convoy. Moloch sends a convoy of artificially intelligent machines in a march toward New York City in order to wipe it from the earth, but the Outpost is on guard and will do anything to stop them. Gameplay proceeds as Moloch and the Outpost fight across the USA, represented by a series of city boards with a number of districts. Moloch and the Outpost fight fiercely for each district, playing cards, and resolving the effects for victory. Moloch's goal is to reach and destroy New York City, and the Outpost's goal is to resist the onslaught until Moloch has run out of cards.

This 2 player game is a complex yet refreshing game for those who love simple, action-packed gameplay with a focus on precise strategic choices. It's highly regarded for its addictive play, emotional impact, and will surely be one of the favorites on your portable device.


Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write app premiere

New Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write App is ready!
Download Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write now

The app is based on the popular Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write board game, but it introduces a new twist to the gameplay – the points you'll be earning will help you to unlock more buildings and villages. We have been playtesting the app during the past several weeks and polishing it to make sure it provides a smooth game experience for you. We're so excited to say: you can get it in iOS App Store and Google Play Store. We warn you: it's addictive! The app looks great, check it out yourself. It met with a very warm welcome.


Tides Of Time App

Available on Android and iOS now!

Tides of Time combines the ease of play of a micro game with the strategic depth of set collection and drafting for a unique two player experience. The players are dealt a hand of 5 cards and draft one card at a time, passing their hands between them after each selection. Each card has a suit as well as a unique scoring rule that may score the player points based on the suits of cards drafted. At the end of each round, the players select one card to keep in their kingdom for future rounds as a Relic of the Past.

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